Award Ceremony and Overnight Stay team events from Office Summer

Bringing the company together to award outstanding performance is the best way to show appreciation, give recognition and boost morale.

As one of the UK’s leading event theming and production companies we can bring that extra something to your ceremony. For instance, why not arrange a ceremony based on a theme – it could be inspired by the work you do, or the history of the company.

Perhaps a theme inspired by the decade in which your company was founded; we have created amazing props, backdrops and attractions for 80’s, 70’s and even 20’s themed parties. Give our creative team a call to see what we can do for you.

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  • Location: Nationwide
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Group Size: 120 - 1000 people
  • Activities

    • Indoor Team Building Ideas
    • Award Ceremony
  • Conference

    • Conference Facilities
  • Accommodation

    • Hotel
£470.00 +VAT
per person


Conference Facilities

Conferences can come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes utilising full AV production, sometimes good old projectors and flip charts.

As an events company we will ensure everything is run smoothly; from finding the perfect venue to delivering the right identity and "feel" to the whole process. Our specialty is creating a unique atmosphere for your event using carefully chosen lighting, props, furniture and decor. 

Indoor Team Building Ideas

A team building event is a great way to break the ice and get everyone talking while involved in fun activities and challenges.

We can help you choose the right activities for your event. Favourites include film-making and commercial breaks, or for a ‘soft’ team building affair why not try chocolate making? We often bring in industry specialists so if you have any creative ideas you'd like incorporated into your event, let us know and we'll do our best to make them happen for you!

For larger groups we can arrange multiple activities to allow participants to pick their own programme of events and maximise staff interaction.

Your choice of activity:

Crime Scene Investigation

Its a whodunnit with clues, lies, snitches and of course the villain. 

The Entertainer

You're having  a party and someone forgot to book the entertainment, which means you are it. We need stand up comedians, magicians, mime acts, jugglers and stilt walkers. Each of you get your 5 minutes of fame or infamy.

We can look at basing this event round a theme such as Alice in Wonderland and make an evening event for the team.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Learn your Pinot from your Chablis, and what conditions make for a great vintage year.

A selection of wines are chosen and you are taught how to "nose" the wine, to taste and identify the different flavours, and of course should you wish maybe indulge in the odd glass or two. 

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is an activity which can be enjoyed by everyone. Each participant uses a modified shotgun to fire an infrared beam at real clays launched from a real clay launcher.

Whenever the trigger is pulled, the digital scoreboard generates the shotgun 'bang' and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay - just like the real thing, except 100% safe, with no shotgun kick to worry about, and it can be operated in a much greater range of venues.

F1 Time Trials

We bring a life-size Formula 1 car simulator (or two) to the venue. You can then pitch your driving skills against some of the world's top tracks, with a bottle of bubbly for the fastest lap!

Scintillating Simulator

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, so hire some great break out games- penalty shootout, scalectrix, duck shoot, archery and the old favourite, the driving range. 

Chocolate Making

Learn to roll delicious truffles and master the art of exquisite chocolate sculpture. Creating a flawless ganache has never been easier with our fabulous and decadent Chocolate Workshop. 

Reap the rewards of your new skill by selecting a display box to take away with you... assuming there shall be any chocolates left!

All equipment shall be supplied along with a chocolate tutor.

Suitable for groups of 50-250

Body of Evidence

Body language is an amazing thing, not only can you detect signals from other people but you can actually control how you think by controlling your body. We were impressed and I think you will be too, a really interesting, interactive and fun activity. 

The session starts with an initial chat on body language from our expert, and a few interesting demonstrations of public figures and how they use body language, as well as some tell tale signs that all is not what people say it is. 

You will then try some exercises yourselves to see how you can use your new found knowledge in everyday work and personal life.

Session lasts 3 hours and is suitable for groups of all sizes.  

Cocktail Masterclass

As we all know making cocktails looks easy but when it comes down to it, we often make an awful mess when doing it ourselves, not anymore, our masterclass has some great hints and tips. 

You will be provided with all the necessary equipment to make some spectacular cocktails, and with new found knowledge you can invent your own. Will you be making the next Mojito or Mojitno ?

The idea of this event is to show people they are capable of more than they think. 

Cup Cake Decorating

Seriously yummy team event, cup cakes come in many different guises and you are going to create even more guises in this delicious team event. 

Its not just a case of squiging a load of icing onto some cakes, you will learn how to colour, mix and mould some interesting shapes and features, to make what at first may seem simple into something elaborate and quite amazing. 

Its better in teams as you can share the mess and the glory. 

We will provide work tables, overalls, cake base, icing ingredients, a helping hand and a few tips.

Suitable for 10-250 people  

Krypton Maze

Solve mind boggling puzzles, navigate mazes and balance your way to the gold ticket prizes at the end of the game

Plastic Fantastic

A camera, some modelling clay and a little imagination. That's all it takes to make people laugh, cry or look on in stunned silence. Make your very own story and don't worry if you think you can't make models, we'll help. 

Music Video for the Office

Don't worry if you sing like a squirrel, its amazing what a bit of music wizardry and green screen can do. Hey presto, your very own office song. 

Brand Experience

This is a fascinating insight into how advertising works. The session starts with a demonstration into how some advertisers have made everyday items into iconic brands. 

You can use one of your own brands or products to get people thinking about what is unique about what your company offer, you can twist this a little for teams to make a recruitment ad which gets them thinking about the positive side of the company. You may even pick up some new ideas. 

We provide props, backdrops (please see for an idea of what we can provide) costumes, technical assistants to help with the set up and editing.

As there is a few hours whilst the films are edited so either the event can be achieved in the morning session or why not do an awards ceremony using some of our amazing Hollywood props?

Ice Carving

It's an amazing sight when the experts create stunning pieces from clear Ice; you will be creating pieces, whether they are stunning or not is down to the judge at the end!

You are given a rough carving to start, protective gloves and some ice carving material, in small teams you will create an ice carving... hopefully. 

This event is suitable for 15 - 60 people. 

Act on Instinct

Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen and women, welcome to the stage of amateur dramatics. You will learn some of the basics of acting, such as the stance, the voice and of course the roooooar. Sound like scene from black adder? it is.  

Thespian actors will guide you through the making of a play, who is the hero? who is the villain? How to sell your new character so that others buy into the "new" you. 

We provide the stage, numerous props, lighting, backdrop,, for an extra charge we can film each play. PLays are based around fictional ideas but if you have any ideas of your own feel free to let us know. 

Large Prop Making

You'll be amazed at what you can create under the expert guidance of our prop maker, each team is given a block of polystyrene to sculpt. If everyone does their job right, then the results are spectacular

You could make a 3D image of your company logo, an object that represents the company or the work you do, or anything else for that matter!


Are you an artist? no? Well don't worry, you'll find that even the smallest painting can be part of a big picture.

There are two ways to make this event work, one is to leave each team to their own devices and see what happens when all the paintings are put together (kind of a Dali has a crash with Picasso sort of affair but still interesting)

Or we give each team a small part of a big picture to paint, teams generally get a blank canvas and a detailed piece of art to paint. 

The end result can be quite amazing. 

Min 30 people Max  90 

We provide paint, brushes, canvas, overalls and the odd tip. 

Whisky Tasting

The world of Whiskys (or Whiskeys to some) is a fascinating one. Different whiskeys taste different depending not just on the distillation process, but on the local soil the water has run through, the type of barrel used for aging, how the grain was grown and malted, and much more...

Whiskey can cost £3 or £30 a glass but could you tell the difference? Hopefully after this interesting session learning about Scotland's biggest export you will be able to.

Make Your Own Perfume

From sandalwood and cinnamon to vanilla and coconut, your options shall be led by your nose. A delicate balance may not be easy to achieve, as teams go head to head putting a variety of skills to the test as they create their own signature fragrance.

All equipment shall be supplied, and groups lead by their own instructor. Your senses will be invigorated while trying to create a product which should have at least one team coming out smelling of roses!

Suitable for groups of 50-150

Drumming Challenge

'We're all marching to the same beat" Or are we? Certainly more so after this fun team event for 15 - 1000 people.

Participants are each armed with a percussion instrument, be it a bass drum or symbols. Whilst each make their own sound and each section has it's own rhythm when choreographed together the beat is something quite amazing. 

this is a perfect event to add to a conference or event where pulling the team together is the aim. 

Award Ceremony

No team is too small or too large to be acknowledged. We understand however that different companies have different ideas and requirements – whether you want to recognise the contribution of individuals, teams or the company as a whole,  the award ceremony is there to bring people together to share in the success of the company, award outstanding performances and celebrate achievements.

As one of the leading theming and production specialists in the UK, we have worked with some of the biggest Blue Chip companies so we can accommodate your specific needs and ensure a memorable celebration, whether that means going all-out with a high-end themed production or simply some carefully chosen draping and table centres to add the finishing touches.


We understand that delegates may be travelling from all across UK or even the world to your event, and therefore we provide transfers and accommodation with flexible payment options. Guests will have access to a booking website that we create for you, and will have the opportunity to pay individually if preferred.

Quoted hotel prices are based on single occupancy in a four star hotel, but we can always offer alternatives if required.

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