Feed the Fun: The Health Benefits of Summer Parties for Your Office

Posted on Friday 5th of June 2015

Contrary to popular belief, a healthy workplace doesn't necessarily have to be covered in Fat-free Yoghurt and Quinoa. A simple Summer party can have a multitude of health benefits for your team; and thats not including any physical activity you might engage in. In fact, there are way more than five reasons - but we don't want you to waste your time reading too much when you could be outside...

1. They can help beat the sunshine blues

When the sun starts shining most of your team are likely to rather be outside than behind a desk. It's completely natural, especially if (like ours) your Office has a tendency to feel slightly like a SousVide in the warmer months. As humans we have an innate desire to want to beat the sunshine blues - sunshine is our basic source of Vitamin D which naturally strengthens our bones and helps us feel refreshed. Wanting to get out in the sun helps to humanise all tiers of your team, and having an occasion where you can all do so together is a great way of creating a space where guests feel naturally contented.

2. They get people talking

Allowing your team to engage with each other in a completely relaxed environment encourages good communication. Talking to someone you may not have engaged with before on a social scale can improve your confidence and is highly likely to have a positive impact on communication back in the office. The health benefits of easy conversation with new faces are also a good thing to consider - it naturally helps improve your listening skills, attention span, concentration and helps you shake off any anxiety issues. Many colleagues are likely to come out of your summer event with a heightened understanding of each others roles and where they fit in the organisation.

3. They encourage people to be themselves

Certain personalities take a little coaxing before they begin to shine, especially those with introverted personality traits. While the sun is shining we are naturally more susceptible to bouts of confidence. As your team are encouraged to be themselves they may discover hidden talents or shared interests that they didn't realise were there - which can often help develop a deeper respect and understanding for their colleagues.

4. They help your team feel part of something unique

And they are! Your business is one of a kind and we can help you reflect that in your event. Aside from the physical and mental benefits, there can be a whole host of positive effects on performance when your team are reminded to regard their office environment as defined by their colleagues and not the space they work in. The best summer events have an identity that resonates with your colleagues. That identity is complete unique to your business - isn't that great? This improves morale and encourages integrity across all tiers of your workplace.

5. They "feed the fun"

As Randy Pausch said, "never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun." Studies have show us that fun and laughter has the power to lower your stress levels, boost immunity, strengthen relationships, defuse conflict, encourage group bonding and can actually reduce physical pain. So go ahead and have fun. Have all the fun. We might just join you. 

Managers nationwide have already discovered the benefits and consider summer events as an absolute must - so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today for a free discussion with one of our event coordinators on 01273 224777 or click here to enquire online.